Don’t drink, don’t vote

what did you do last night?

Obviously as my previous blog pointed out I had a look at a new gym.

Great news this morning, went to the “Brompton Haters” to swim as assumed I would be stuck for a month and was told they will refund my money for this month so I can leave straight away.

Happy days indeed and proves that my negotiation skills are working well. Who needs tact and diplomacy when far more direct methods work so well?

So about this voting thing, as usual I didn’t bother. I feel no need and I dont care for our political parties. I think they all talk tosh. I can already hear the “oh well don’t you go complaining brigade”. I don’t so stuff your “it’s your duty” cobblers.

I predict that even if ToryBoy is PM all the usual things will go up in budgets to come and the other side of the house will complain even if it is exactly what they would have done.

Welcome to your elected future of basically the same as before.


1 Response to “Don’t drink, don’t vote”

  1. May 7, 2010 at 7:05 am

    Did you ever give tact and diplomacy a try? Just wondered …

    If you’d gone to vote you might still be queueing now, so probably not a bad decision. But we seem to be heading for a Prime Minister who rides his bicycle through red lights and the wrong way along one-way streets, which is not good for the rule of law, although not really comparable with the Iraq war.

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