Heavy weekend

Listing things then talking:

1. Open water swimming – I suck at swimming but I did 4 VERY cold laps at Lakeside Multisports in Eastleigh. I am slow but rather consistant on pace which although I do not expect to be a rocket ship means that for Swashbuckler I have a fair idea of how bad Iwill be :¬)

2. Eastleigh Parkrun No.1 – I won it and it was largely a comfortable day. The course is offroad and a little twisty. I especially like the train feature. I look forward to supporting the event and helping Brett make it a success. If I am honest MrsG will be supporting Brett with knowledge and reporting, my idea of support involves me running in the event and then collecting signs while cooling down.

3. Road trip to Chichester – we did indeed go there and collect the famous Mr Denmark Sir Jonathan of Snapsville who just happened to be in the UK and was suddenly available and in need of entertainment. Collected he was escorted to Chateau DarkLord given access to a wireless lan and down time before item 4 on todays blog.

4. The Basingstoke and Famous Guests ParkRun gathering: rumour has it that MrsGs Pizza and book a hall birthdayfest inspired SueC to book a hall and have a party. The usual suspects were present but we had brough an unexpected guest. Many people know about Mr Denmark and he has met a few of us but he really was the celebrity of the evening being introduced and talking to everyone. What a bloody good evening was had by all.

Bloody hell that was one hell of a day. Time for Sunday

1. Goodwood Duathlon: 5am start and I loaded the car while MrsG and the real HOT SNAPPER got themselves organised. Breakfast done and in the car by 6.15. Arrived at the event in good time and got registered. Bikes to transition and I was ready. In my blog now so I can confess that MrsG was racing and I was nervous, frankly shitting myself as her foot has been better but not great. Strangely she was calmer than I have ever seen her. I shall write a full race report tomorrow but for now I came 6th and was 1st in my Age Group. MrsG ripped the course up and was first lady finishing 6th overall. Snaps was great keeping clothes and taking pictures of us both and looks like he really enjoyed himself. 

2. Little Chef – all great athletes celebrate at Little Chef. I had Scampi, MrsG and Snaps had fish and chips. NICE

3. Brighton and the New Forest – Time to drop the Snapper and the idea came up to then head to the New Forest and see the parents. In all honesty I don’t have the best relationship with MrGs parents but today was good all very relaxed. I think after nearly 4 years we are all starting to get along.  Running is no longer a TABOO subject so much so that “Dad” ran in the local 10km and completed the event in 62.40. Stunning as he has only been training a few months and is 63 !!!! Looks like clues to MrsGs ability are starting to surface. We may also be getting a new toy. Story for another day if it happens.

4. Swashbuckler Tri – we took the opportunity to check out the bike route MrsG being a local navigated me around. The route rolls a little but I can now see why people were able to go so fast. Issues possible around animals and wind but beyond that it should be get your head down and go.

5. The last supper – 2 weeks until race day and we had our last take away until the evening meal after the race. Indian and it was lovely. Spent the rest of the evening just relaxing and writing this.

Time to go though as I haven’t unloaded the car!!!!!!!


1 Response to “Heavy weekend”

  1. 1 Hammerite
    May 10, 2010 at 8:32 am

    Yeah watch for those animals, one of my clubmates came a cropper and hit a horse on one of the new forest races!!

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