That was a bit of a pig

or Swashbuckler Triathlon

It all went a bit wrong as I had a panic attack right at the start of the swim, too many people swimming too fast and all over me. I panicked bailed and headed back to the side. Rach and a few people in the crowd managed to persuade me to try again as everyone had gone. I set off not happy but moving, unfortunately the quicker swimmers caught me and I panicked again. I moved out the way as much as I could and composed myself. The second lap of the swim was quite uneventful and I even passed a few people.

History moment – nearly drowned as a kid and so have issues being forced under water. I actually took up triathlon to help me confront my water fear.

The bike – got out and running but never really got into it. Matters were made worse when I lost my chain at the first cattle grid. Somewhere I lost my drinks bottle then my spares bottle. Removed my shoes as I had footwear problems. Frankly just not a good ride. I’m sure the New Forest is lovely but the roads are either heaving with traffic or really shitty surfaced. The cattle grids are the worst I have ever seen.  My positive from the bike is that I rode at +20mph with a lack of interest and lots of stops for what is a relatively low heart rate.

The run – by now I was just one of those complete the course people and I’m not very good at that. My back was the worst it has been for a long time and within 1 mile I was stopped and stretching and doing looseners. I had another go at this routine around 3 miles as well. Somewhere around 5 miles I felt a little looser and my pace picked up to sub 7min miles.  No drama to report and no strain on the body at all. Pluses from the run were that after 5hrs of exercise I got no cramp at all and my HR was again low.


Low HR is good but also shows a lack of effort on my part, Rach remarked that when I am not happy I don’t seem to be able to drag myself back so a bad race just stays bad. That said my mood did improve during the last lap of the run as I was able to run properly.

I had lots of issues with my bike. Not 100% sure why but will spend time looking at things.

I didn’t drown and I did complete the swim.

The future – Probably Cow Man rather than Swash next year. I will also most likely do MK Oly at Olney just to make myself do another big swim.

Training wise – lots more mornings in a lake in Eastleigh and working on my stroke in the pool.

Finally a little perspective – somebody died today at the race, makes me realise that my swimming issues are small in the grand scheme of things.


3 Responses to “That was a bit of a pig”

  1. 1 Chris Cramp
    May 23, 2010 at 9:43 pm

    Looks like you have taken some positives from a very tough day indeeed.

    I didn’t realise we have we something in common as a boy I nearly drowned in a swimming pool incident (this was actually before I had learnt to swim properly) , while i do swim, i only swim in pools and haven’t considered taking up triathlons amd open water swimming to take on my fears of drowning, so you are a far braver man than me.

    well done for completing this triathlon and best of luck in your next one.


  2. 3 Hammerite
    May 24, 2010 at 8:13 am

    Well done mate. Sounds like a tough day alround. Not sure if you’ll be able to handle the MK races though, it’s just a bog standard lake and nice country roads – far too uneventful!!

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