Marlborough Triathlon – a race report.

Firstly a huge thank you to the organisers for letting me race as a late entry.

Event details – 400 metre swim 20 mile bike 5 mile run

As I stood at the side of the pool waiting to start the reality of what I was about to try became apparent. Here I was “Johnny crap swimmer” who swims with a pool buoy looking at a 25 metre pool and 16 lengths of front crawl if I made it all the way it would be a life first. Sounds a bit dramatic but I have never swum 3 lengths of front crawl in a 25 metre pool EVER!!!! I was caught by the chap 5 seconds behind me within 1 length(bugger!!) and I let him go but  as I turned going out for length 6 I was still clear of the 10 second starter and moving ok. Lap 13 and I finally had to give way to Mr 10 seconds amazingly though he never got away and I was out at 16 to great big shout of “I DID IT !!!!” Enough though and off to T1(caught 2 people in the run)

The Bike  course and HILLS – I know the course and had set the bike up on the small ring and was spinning to the first hill where I climbed aero until I had to stop for a car !!!!!! No worries and I battered on catching bike after bike and really felt I was climbing well. Disaster struck at about 6.5 miles to the sound of ssssssssssssss and I had a flat. BUGGER but I was still going foward. Rode carefully down the HILL OF DEATH(7 miles of steady up and 30 seconds of plummet down) due to the slowly deflating tyre and made the decision to carry on as best I could and it was good stuff as my pace stayed strong. Took the turn with about 5 miles to go and rimmed the wheel which told me my air was pretty much gone so cadence and keeping weight of the front was key. It worked well until about 1.5 miles where I was skittish and pedalling treacle. Nearly lost it on the last bend and the roll into transition was painfully slow and careful but I had somehow completed the course. T2 was smooth and I was off on the run.

The Run – UP the hill DOWN the hill.

Simple really and off I went quickly catching one chap and just target running. Back was a little tight but effort level was good and I was charging(relative) through the field. Hit the turn in just off 16 mins grabbed some fluids and quite literally charged back down the hill.

Finished in 1.37.40 5th overall and 1st 40-44

 Rach finished 4th woman and won her age group as well. The good news is that her foot held out on the run. This means she will do a little more running but largely stay on the bike. Reality is that she will win races like this if she does any run training.


3 Responses to “Marlborough Triathlon – a race report.”

  1. 1 Anna B
    June 27, 2010 at 7:30 pm

    Hope you’ve not damaged your rims. Assume you had the zipps on.

    Congratuations on the swim as you don’t mention anyone after 10 secs I assume you stayed ahead of Mr 15 and 20 secs so that is really positive.


  2. 2 gregp
    June 27, 2010 at 7:39 pm

    Nice report, and a good outcome for both of you.

  3. 3 TRO Saracen
    June 28, 2010 at 6:43 am

    Great report and performance for both of you. Reality is also you will win races like this without punctures and more steady swim improvement.

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