Punctures, Peas, Pain and rain

Today was a bit of lesson in recovery. Basically just because you feel fine does not mean you are not tired.

Tuesday is pain day and even though there was light rain we decided to get out there and ride. Met Mikey on the way to the roundabout and decided we would do rolling minutes. This is tough though as if people get the pace wrong you don’t really get the recovery right. After 2 reps it was obvious that we need to work on judgement and that I was infact wrecked and could not accelerate to keep up either. A little conversation and we repped our way to Hungerford. More chatting and we rolled up to “The Stag” I said to Rach and Mikey to play and I would climb best efforts but that  I was knackered.

6 seconds and I was shelled out the back on the first part of the climb, slowly Carlos Sastre deisel style I caught them up again but it was not pretty. The next mini effort is short and sharp and I hoped I may hang on a bit but again I was shelled straight out the back. I admit that I found the whole experience quite funny but uncomfortable at the same time.

My day ended on the recovery before the last part of “The Stag”as I got a puncture. As Rach has to get to work I suggested they ride on and play. I fixed the puncture and frankly I got home looking rather tired.

So in a nutshell: I got wet, dirty and tired and all in the name of sport.

You have to love that don’t you ? :¬)


1 Response to “Punctures, Peas, Pain and rain”

  1. 1 saintjason
    July 13, 2010 at 9:44 am

    Lovin’ these blog posts mate – very inspirational – keep it up!


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