Running, it’s a funny old game

Strange day for me, decided against the Aquathon at Lakeside as I thought I needed the extra swim time over a race so did a mile in the lake. We then got a report that people had moved some of the course markers for the 5km so as I was going to run with MiniG I thought I would run round the course ahead of the field and then do the event therefore giving everyone a head start including MiniG who I would then jog round with. I got back and MiniG had decided not to run so I headed off and then decided to see where I would finish having given everyone a head start.

 End result was 25th out of 113 with an official time of 21.49 but my watch says I have run a controlled and progressive low 17.xx. Funny thing was I didn’t really fancy an effort like that until it happened.

I was however inspired and headed off to the track to coach a couple of my group with 5 x 400 off 2 minutes at 1500 metre pace. I decided to join in with my 1500 pace being about 74 seconds a lap. First rep was 71 seconds !!!!!!!!. After this I decided that was too easy so ran at 800 pace, infact faster. My last rep was 65 seconds !!!! James who runs 4.14 for 1500 looked at me in disbelief when I lead him out on the last rep taking him through 200 in 33 seconds, yes he came past me but as he said “have you ever run a 65 second rep in training coach ?” No was the answer.

 Maybe just maybe I am finally getting my running legs back again.

ps. YES MIKEY I REALLY DID RUN A 65 !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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