Another day and 8 plus hours in the car

So there we are Saturday evening and we reaslised that next weekend we are not at Eastleigh so we need to return the Parkrun laptop.

A cunning plan forms, Rach will ride there while MiniG and I drive there allowing me to swim again maybe run with her. I then ride home. A perfect training day.

Rach left ok with MiniG and I not far behind, within 2 miles I realised I had forgotten my bike shoes so we had to turn back. Quickly done and blasting down the A34 we ran out of petrol !!!!! My fault for chancing it. Quick jog to the fuel station and we were off. Swim missed !!!!!!!!!

MiniG and I got our  run and Rach arrived not much later.

My ride back should have been simple but I went wrong within 4 miles. I had quite a good ride all the same it just took a lot longer as I had to keep using the map to navigate.

Met Rach and MiniG at the pool and she had a swim and play before heading off to my brothers to pick Mum up, she was joining us for the drive to return the daughter. The drive up was smooth enough not fast but no real issues. On the way back we stopped in Eye Green at the 5spices indian. If you are ever there have a meal it was awesome. From this point it all went wrong as we hit traffic jams all the way home and it was ALL the way home.

This morning I feel battered :¬(


2 Responses to “Another day and 8 plus hours in the car”

  1. 1 Anna B
    July 19, 2010 at 8:33 am

    That is seriously unlucky hitting traffic down and up…. I guess thats the first weekend of the school holidays for you 😦

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