Is calling it a funny old day right?

Decided not to run this morning even though I always run on a Wednesday.Why? We didn’t swim last night as Rach is a little rough. Took the road bike up and down as it is easy on the hills.

The swim, happy to report I am moving well but why is it that when arrows tell people where to swim there is always some knobber who decides that they will just swim on one side. Mid set and this chap jumps in and basically swims straight into me. Lets just say he said sorry and I let him know of my displeasure. Ruined my session though as I lost all focus. That said I did manage a 4.18 200 which was a good full stroke PB.

Work is shit so lets move on from that. Decided to run at lunchtime even though I thought it might have an impact on my evening TT. Nice run in the sun at a steady pace. Midday so a little “mad dogs and English men”.

Got home and realised I had coverd 9 miles on the bike and had agreed to ride to the course with Dave. No worries I felt good so had some food and cruised over to Daves. Far too easy all the way to the course. HUGE tail wind means that the first 5 miles are HARSH. Good warm up with a few minutes at speed with Plank and Dave and ready for the off.

Plan was simple hit the turn at +24mph and work back, sub 24 would be mine assuming I didn’t blow up. Went off hard and caught Dave at 3 miles, I also noticed that my heart rate was higher than normal which meant I was working hard early. A huge effort saw me turn with an AVG speed of 24,3 and I put the hammer down. 6 miles and the avg speed was close to 25. Kept pushing and 7 miles saw 2 things happen I went to AVG 25+ and then disaster as a truck turned in the road in front of me. Huge lockup of my brakes and I stopped before I hit him. I was fumming as a huge PB was going to be mine. Riding angry now all I wanted to do was push as hard as Icould and boy could I push mile 8 came up and I was doing 29mph and kicking. End result was an official time of 23.29 and I should be over the moon with my 33 second Personal Best but Iam gutted as I know this was a 22.XX ride. Cold light of day and I should be happy I didn’t crash and have a PB. I will beat this time though.

Great to see so many others have good rides this evening with a special mention to Plank the Vampire who got beasted by me yesterday morning and turned in a 25 minute effort, more to come from him for sure.


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