The results are in

MK Olympic Triathlon result and report.  – 2.20.57 112th overall and 18th in my age group. If you want to have fun in triathlon as an age grouper or qualify for Clearwater or Kona then AG is important so for this blog I shall compare myself again my AG

Swim – 34.35.

I had to go down to 52nd to find a slower swim in my AG and dicovered that I beat 4 people :¬) . This is not that important really what is important is my vastly improved pace. The swim was not without incident but  Idid some things well. Got in the water early and got prepared with some head dunking. Placed myself at the back and let people stroke off.(basically I stood still for 10 seconds) Set off and all was good until I got about half way down the first side then I had a mini “panic attack” and could not breathe no worries I was calm and just breast stroked for a bit. This happened a few time but I got to the first corner in one piece and then something strange happened.  If you have seen the movie Platoon then hear the music(Barbers Adagio) and imagine Willem Dafoe in slow motion coming through the jungle being shot. Back in the water suddenly I was calm and swimming in slow motion :¬) (actually just slow) but I was in control and from here on the swim was drama free. I even managed to draft a little when the leader from the next wave came past passing a chap from my wave metres from the end.

T1 – 1.43. Not the fastest but I was smooth and nowhere near the slowest

Bike – 66.27   8th in my AG, there was someone slower than me overall who had a 63 minute bike so in a nutshell only 6 of the top 17 riders were faster than me.

I did the duathlon in March on this course and found it quite hard, this happened again. I got out and charged through the first 3 miles but was getting some pain in my left quad. I was moving quickly enough though so was not concerned. The TT bike is not great for standing to climb !!! Hydration was going ok and the first lap was done in around 34 minutes including getting from transition. I was a little bothered by this and tried to raise my game on lap2. The quad was ok but pace was not as solid as I wanted. I found the climb towards the end of the lap tough and the long drag before the finished dragged. A good run down the last hill saw me pass a few people but in the ride towards dismount I was slowed by people swerving as they took their feet out of shoes.

NOTE: I had to confess to Rach that Thursdays very hard bike was probably one hard session too many in a week where I did 170 miles just before an event. That said I was faster than the duathlon in March JUST !!!

 T2 – 43 seconds which is a good time compared to the sharp end. I probably  lost 10 seconds as well as I had trouble with 1 shoe.(I slipped and stood on the back of it)

Run – 37.36 2nd in my AG

It was a disappointing run to be honest as I was hindered by back pain within 2 minutes of setting off. The course is twisty and narrow in areas so not only was I in pain I was being delayed by slower runners. Lap2 was worse with more runners and me running prodding at my back. Lap3 and I got a lucky break as a young girl caught me up but was delayed by people blocking the path. It got me to pick my pace and clear a road and with 2kms to go I had a working back, spotted JohnM from my club and chased him down(he still beat me by 10 mins :¬) including a nice sprint finish which will appear on Facebook later.


1. Am I swimming god ? NO but I did get the job done and feel more confident about the future.

2. If you do too much training you pay the price sometimes. I did too much on the bike and felt it.

3. I need to do swim to bike sessions

4. I have some running mechanical issues which I need to have dealt with. Before last years injury problems I could obviously cope but now they are a problem.

5. I need to do more bike to run sessions

6. 3rd place was 9 minutes and 25 seconds in front of me, I gave him 14mins and 17 seconds of a head start. I know I can run faster and bike better but this shows that I need to swim faster if I really want to play.


I targetted 2.20 and managed just under 2.21 so I should be happy but I think in the back of my mind I was hoping to be closer to 2.15. The swim went every bit as well as I hoped for(after the first straight) as did my transitions.  I was about 90 seconds slower on the bike and can probably blame my own arrogance for that. Rach did give me an “I told you so!!” it was deserved. The run was also 90 seconds down as I had hoped to run a high 35 to a low 36 but some video analysis has shown me the problems. All I have to do is fix them.

Oh and a clubmate beat me by 14 seconds and his words were, “well you didn’t do enough on the run”. How true indeed !!!!!

There will be more triathlons, maybe even this year.


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  1. July 26, 2010 at 8:09 am

    very good reflective blog Gobster, I’m sure that once you implement the changes you outline above you’ll find the extra minutes you need. Good luck.

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