Taper for Edinburgh

I have been taking advantage of MiniG visiting me to taper or put another way, priorities have meant less training going on. This is a good thing as by this weekend I should feel very rested. That’s the plan anyway.

Swimming again this morning with MiniG, proud parent moment is that she did 22 lengths of a mixture of crawl, breast stroke and back stroke. Having done no swimming since we last had her visit she has been to the pool a lot with Rach and I this past week. First session and very little swimming and about half a length in one go to what she did today. The simple fact is that Rach has put in some good quality time helping MiniG with her stroke and breathing I myself can claim very little credit but just happened to get her in the mood to swim today.

Oh in total I did 800 metres including a 3.41 200 with pull buoy at the end.

Without a doubt MiniG could swim well if she swam often pity her dad sucks at it and her mum won’t take her to the pool.

I have plans for an hour on the turbo followed by a short run later but I’m not that stressed either way.

MiniG goes home tomorrow night, it is a double edged sword really as I will miss having her around but then I go back to work and start getting zoned in for the weekend so will be very busy.


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