London Duathlon

So having ummed and urrrrred all week I decided that I would race.

We left early and made it to the carparking by 0700 and unloaded the bike. Pumped up my tyres and then BANG the rear popped. No tyre levers WHOOPS, got some and changed the tube. All good fast and stress free. Down to the start and racked the bike. Bumped into Slimboy.D and No.8 which was pretty cool. Rach headed off to dump the gear and then I realised I had no gels as they were in my rucksack. Thanks to Tom who gave me a Gel.

Went to the start and not many people at all which meant I really could come last !!!! Off on the run and I was off the back after a km but not last. At 2kms I realised my leg was not playing just nothing there so already it was just about solid running. Stayed with one chap for about 6kms but as he tired I gapped him.

School Boy T1 error and missed my bike line :¬( after that it was smooth and I was off on the bike.

Caught the chap in front inside 5 mins and hoped he would tag on so we could work together but I dropped him fast, I never saw anyone else but rode strong everywhere. The training morning in Richmond Park with Barbie and Slimboy really was useful. Only downer was on flying dismount I jarred my knee and cramped my hammy.Silly and annoying but hey there you go.

T2 was solid again but not fast but no mistakes :¬)

The final run and Rach said I looked better from the start, I felt slow all the way round but it turned out to be considerably faster than my first 10km pace.

In conclusion

Poor running but if honest I should not have started, this was totally outweighed by my cycling, strange to see results and look like a cyclist but 2nd fastest bike split riding solo when others were working as teams says it all.

The leg is just fatigue and I will be careful, fortunately it is September and I am on my easy month.

I need to diet, I cut back my training to prep for these last two duathlons and I put on 2kgs !!! I was heavy already without this!!!!!. Rach and I are making some solid changes to our diets.

Fizzy pop is gone. Cereal bars in the house have gone. Real meals are back in planning. I have even cut sugar from my coffee during the day.

I really enjoyed today and want to thank the organisers for inviting me to do the Elite race.


1 Response to “London Duathlon”

  1. September 16, 2010 at 11:33 pm

    where are these last two duathlons this year then? i’m doing the grim one again (doesn’t really count i know)

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