Masters Swimming

So I went for the 2nd time tonight and retired after the warmup.

I have achieved my objective which was to get Rach there and believing she will benefit from the sessions, that is in reality the reason I went along. Yes I had hoped I could go in the slow lane and maybe learn a bit but the fact is I am so bad that I am a hinderance to anyone in the lane with me. Yes the gap between me and the others in my lane is THAT big.

Right now I have had enough but I already accept that come Friday morning I will be in the pool at my gym, infact most likely I will be at the gym pool on a Sunday evening while Rach is in Thatcham and sillier than that I will most likely be doing a lot of the same drills but alone I can work at my pace and not feel humiliated in the warm up.

The facts are I suck and need a coach but I have to be prepared to go through all that pain and be willing to part with the cash.

I have to thank Dave for saying I don’t have to stop and about the most positive thing I can say is that I did comment to Dave that I would come back when I thought I was good enough, just the 4 minutes to find over 400 metres then :¬)


1 Response to “Masters Swimming”

  1. 1 Tim Grose
    October 17, 2010 at 10:27 pm

    Been there Mark many years ago. Had similar thoughts about a coach but never did anything about it. Be worth for you I’d say if you want to be as good a triathlete as you can.

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