Return of the Dark Swimmer

For those of you who follow my swimming exploits I got back in the water today for the first time since the ill fated masters session and the eye infection that followed.

I did learn a few things at masters so this morning I put 2kms into my swimming.

Pull Buoy, flippers, kickboard and full stroke work. I did bits of all of it. My winter focus for swimming is to get a leg kick.

I still hate swimming and the temptation to stick to running and cycling is strong but I hate giving in more than I hate swimming

Watch this space…..


2 Responses to “Return of the Dark Swimmer”

  1. 1 AnnaB
    October 29, 2010 at 7:42 am

    I wouldn’t concentrate too much on a leg kick a) not many triathletes have a strong leg kick b) some people just aren’t build to kick well!
    Especially when you have done a lot of cycling/running and probably have quite tight hip flexors.

  2. 2 Jeremy Mower
    October 29, 2010 at 8:52 am

    Yes agree with AnnaB. Leg is important in that you maintain a streamlined shape. Leg kick important for short distances though like these sprint tri’s. I was amazed how a few seconds can cost you 5+ places in a sprint tri. I was far to casual in my swim and bike ride, trying to save myself for a good run. I’ll lend you my swimming legs if I can borrow your bike legs. Did 30 mile bike last Saturday and 1/2 marathon Sunday, my legs were shot.
    I might do Castle Combe Duathlon, I see you’ve entered. Only thing is I’ve XC day before. May be come and support you at least.

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