Winning, I like it

Yesterday we stepped in to ensure the 5km we are involved in ran. Quick planning due to weather and an alternative course was found. 12 laps of a very small loop in snow. Fun yes, painful yes, got the win, YES

Sunday saw me on the start line for a small marathon. The main race I was supposed to running in was cancelled(Luton) but Foxy from the 100 club reacted quickly and organised another race. I am not a member but he knows me so I got an invite. 7 big laps and a small lap and off we go. 100 metres in and two of us were well clear and 600 metres the other chap was well clear of me. I settled into my pace and the only issue was an upset stomach which stopped me drinking and eating. Nothing changed for 4 laps with me just ticking along. The stomach settled and I managed a gel around 17 miles, I also noticed that I was catching the leader. My pace picked up and by the end of lap 5 I was only 30 seconds behind. Half way round lap 6 we were together and exchanged conversation, his only mistake was to tell me his legs were tight. Thanks to that I took a gamble and pushed the pace and although he tried to come with me I soon had a good gap. Handy really as on the last lap my hammys also went a little tight but this didnt matter as I had the gap and was able to nurse the legs home. Finishing time was 2.55.51.

 That’s 3 sub 3 marathons an AG duathlon win and a sub 3 minute KM in 5 weeks.

 Feels like the old me is coming back.


1 Response to “Winning, I like it”

  1. 1 RFJ
    December 8, 2010 at 12:29 pm

    Very tasty win along with the Parkrun too. Good to see

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