Actually think I might be ill !!!!

Noticed it last Thursday after my hill session and did confess to the fitness people on Friday morning that I felt a little below par. Strangely when the chips were down I performed well in the fitness test but I was pretty tired the rest of the day.

Friday night and we had Mr and Mrs Jigs down for the weekend. Rach made a lovely chicken past bake :¬)

Saturday was parkrun and I knew I was not 100% so I jogged around thinking what effort I had I should keep for the mile. Even jogging though it was apparent my body was not great. 

Now I know that there was a little bit of snow overnight but Rach and I managed to get to Eastleigh and then back to the track for 11am. Simon and Mikey made it to Basingstoke Parkrun and then to the track yet nobody turned up at the track. Really don’t feel any desire to organise another mile to be honest. Given that and some comments on facebook today I do wonder why we made the effort :¬(

Again I was tired and feel asleep before dinner so no training. Loving Chinese though in the evening.

Sunday came and we had a 5 mile race in East Garston, I lasted about 2 miles but with searing pain in my achillies I had no choice but to back off the pace. In the end I jogged home 3rd and 1st V40 but more surprising has been how bad I have felt all day.

I obviously have a virus not a brutal one but it is lingering for sure.

I shall see how I feel in the morning but hope to at least sit on the turbo for a bit but I may have to back down even more. Fortunately I am pretty chilled out right now so backing off has been quite easy to deal with.


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