Farnborough Arrows V Farnborough Arrows Old Boys

Lets deal with the dull stuff. In 4 periods of 20 minutes rolling time we lost 12-5 if we had been smart and stopped at 3 periods it was 6-5. Either way it is fair to say the old boys were not embarrassed by the scoreline. More important than the score was how great it was to see so many old faces turn out for what I hope will be a yearly event. I have to thank the current squad for letting us come and play and for lending us Dan for a period. He played like he wanted to put one over on you guys and I can only thank him for being 100% true for us.

The game by period.

1st period – we tried hard and were out played as speed and ability out did knowledge but lack of game practice.

2nd period – maybe the Arrows got cocky, maybe Dan had a blinder in goal but possibly we just started to play better all I know is we had a lot more puck and started to look like we had played before.

3rd period – felt like a real game of hockey with both goalies coming up big.  Fast moving Arrows with some great moves V fast moving pucks. In a strange way fatigue had the old boys playing their best hockey. I think it was even noticed that we did some line matching.

4th period – one too many as old boys fell by the way side and the youth and speed of the current squad took us apart.  

Both teams played the game with a good attitude and rolled lines making sure everyone got to play and uncle Phil did an amazing job of giving no penalties. Thanks Phil as I am sure we committed a few :¬)

So who did turn out for the old boys.

Froodie – The Goalie. Stood on his head in the 3rd period and had a great night considering I don’t think he has played in 10 years.

Ollie Nash – Another from the ball era who I don’t think has played much in 10 years and who ran himself to exhaustion chasing all night long.

Simon Long – I’m not sure when Simon stopped but it was a long time ago. By the 2nd period looked like his old self chasing and working in that aggressive manner we remember.

Edwina de Bruin – played and coached until leaving for Canada where he hardly plays (go figure in the home of hockey) still believe Defense is best played going forward.

Me – fit yes, old yes, slow yes but more go than a duracell bunny. Plays once or twice a year and likes to stay in his own half.  Thinks going forward he should spend more time coaching than playing in the old boys game but knows when it comes to it nobody will be able to stop him lacing up his skates.

The “Mighty Quinn – the man the machine,  it was not always pretty was it ever !!!! but it was clear to see the boy still has the power and should be playing hockey.

Super Kempy – play hockey Rob you know you should!!!!!! Everytime he had the puck you though he might score and most of the time you wished he would shoot.

Slick Rick Rutherford – he might not play roller but the man is playing regular ice hockey. The hands are still fast and the legs got better all night. Another lad that still has game.

Kemp the older – the game was young and I heard the clatter of man on boards and knew Rich was on the pad. 100% committed from the first shift.

John “headdown” Smith – he coaches these days and obviously still spends time on the pad. He harried and annoyed the arrows defense everyshift and was rewarded with a goal. He never moves the puck far but he never stops working.

Mikey “lamb chops” Smith – the other half of the Smith line who again played more recently than quite a few of us. 100% effort until death somewhere in the 3rd period.

If the guys will have me I’ll come and have a run out at Easter and if plans go well I really do hope we can make this a yearly event. As someone who plays a lot of sport I can honestly say the evening was a highlight of my year.

On a personal note it is great to see the team still running with so many of the guys I coached and I have to say it was great to the “Stickman” on the pad lets face it without him there would be no Arrows. You named us mate.

As I sit here afterwards I reflect and think of Brad Coker and in reality he is probably the reason this game happened.

Always Arrows


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