Four get over excited

So what started as a silly idea for Rach and I turned into 4 in a car and a blast across London and Surrey.

Event 1 – Wimbledon parkrun, we have not been there since December 2007 which was a bit of a surprise. Beyond moving the start and finish not a lot has changed even my result was similar as once more I finished 2nd. Strange how everytime I run here there is somebody better.  Rach was first lady with Mark and Matt also running pretty solid times.

No time to chat at the end as we were off to Coulsdon in Surrey, turned on the GPS and drove quickly(legally of course). Finding a space in the car park was a bit of an issue :¬) 

Event 2 – Banstead Woods Parkrun, a chance to get another one on the how many events have you done scorecard? The run to the start was interesting and all uphill. Fortunately parkruns often start late so we arrived on time. We were off and I quickly caught up with Chris Phelan just to say hello before dropping back a little. Lovely course in the woodland, not a place to run fast times but a good workout for sure. Would you believe I only ran 3 seconds slower than my Wimbledon run. Rach, Mark and Matt were not far behind. We found time to chat to a few people and laught at Alistair Aird who missed the start having decided it started at 10.30.

All in all a great way to start the new year and would recommend it as a bit of fun for anyone.

What we really need now is a parkrun to decide to start at 1100 so we can do a triple :¬)


1 Response to “Four get over excited”

  1. 1 RFJ
    January 2, 2011 at 3:10 pm

    Was fun indeed – not entirely sure of the triple, but you know me…!

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