Race day went wrong

In a strange way it feels almost inevitable that I am writing a blog talking about Sundays race in Barry going wrong.

I had convinced myself that I felt fine and on Saturday I really believed that. I slept well Saturday night and breakfast went to plan on Sunday morning. We got to the Jenner Stadium in plenty of time and got ready for the start.

Plan was simple run 1.40 – 1.45 a lap for a steady effort.

4 miles in and I was aware my HR was a little high and at 13 miles I was tired. By 19 miles I had an achey leg.  The reality was by 24 miles I had mentally given in. I made it past marathon but I had sore tired legs including a strange thigh pain. I tried to walk it off and back into a run but my left leg would not take the impact so I made the decision to stop.

Afterwards I spoke to Rach about not doing the 100km and giving up Ultras, she took me to the car where you could see how much I had perspired for the effort and I agreed that my virus from the previous week had been the cause.

Sat here now I’m concerned about my leg but I think it will be ok(paranoid) and planning my last few weeks before the 100km. Easy really, 2 age group duathlons and a long run covers that well, the only thing to worry about is if I cannot run tomorrow night.

Looking for one great positive from everything. NO HAMSTRING ISSUES AT ALL :¬)


1 Response to “Race day went wrong”

  1. 1 TRO Saracen
    March 1, 2011 at 10:55 am

    Bad luck mate, agree on the norovirus cause – like most viruses it’ll hang round for 2-3 weeks and whilst in normal life you’ll be ok under the duress of competing or training hard there will be a drop off in what you’re capable of. It WILL pass.

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