Lots been happening and not blogging

Recovery after Clumber was instant. When you feel good it just happens.

Training during the week was good but I was still sniffing and snotting which is frustrating.

Thursday night is now Fish Thursday but it was also Rachaels birthday and pancake night so the evening was spent with me feeding the masses. It is the only time of year I really spend time in the kitchen but it always seems to be worth it as my pancakes are demolished. I also surprised Rach with a cake, balloons and presents.

Saturday saw me head to St Marys in Twickenham to run a marathon to assist in a study about fatigue. Before this happened I had to perform some tests and this included giving blood!!!! I am scared of needles so this was a big step.

Ran 2.54 for what was 25.8 miles and to be honest felt pretty good afterwards. I then repeated all the tests including giving more blood !!!! I then had an ultrasound.

Saturday evening was Her Ladyships second party, some of the guests were the same but we were joined by a number of others. A great evening of pizza and junk food followed and not surprisingly the conversation was largely around sport. Thanks to Rich and Lisa who had made Rach a birthday cake.

Sunday arrived and at 7AM I was at St Marys to repeat the tests. We then headed off to see Barbie/HoD/Slimboy.D and Simbil who were riding the Spring Onion Sportive. We rode for an hour but the weather was crap and the roads were even worse so we headed back. All in all a 2.10 ride and big thank you to Mrs Slimboy.D for letting us both use the shower. Headed home where we both just relaxed before heading out for 7 miles in the evening.

Didn’t sleep well on Sunday night but had to be up at 0500 to again head to St Marys . All went well and during a chat it became apparent that most people felt quite good after the run on Saturday but had also held back. Made me think as I ran harder than planned after one of the chaps said more fatigue was better for the study.

If  it had been a full marathon I would have run about 2.56.30 at the pace I ran. Compared to my PB it is about MP+ 45 but when you consider the best I ran in 2010 was 2.51 it shows I ran pretty hard.

Lunchtimes run was dire yesterday, my body just ached a lot. Concluded that after 4 days of crap food and giving blood I was maybe breaking down a little. However at training last night I felt really strong while running 500s.

Fell asleep on the sofa and then went off to bed knowing I had one more trip to St Marys in the morning.

Last trip done, blood given which has got very easy and all other tests looked pretty good to me. Now waiting for the results of the study which will be a few months. In the mean time I have training to do and races to plan.



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