Time Trialling on the bike

Last week Rach and I went out and did 10/3A, she was nice to me when she won and said it was because I had run 62 miles on the Sunday.

This week we were joined by Matt who I coach who was doing his first open 10 mile TT. He managed a 25.38 which was faster than I went the first time I rode the course. That said he wasn’t happy about how he performed and has done his own blog talking about his ride so I won’t dwell on that.

To analyse I did go 58 seconds faster than last week and it is faster than I went on the same course at the same time last year by a whole minute but Rach went 47 seconds faster and beat my fastest time ever on the course or at very worst equalled the time.

She couldn’t let me use any excuses when she beat me last night and the best I could come up with was that I had done a lot of training on the bike which I was not use to, she pointed out she had raced hard for 2hours on Sunday.

Point made……Rach 2 Gobi 0   !!!!!!

Maybe I should retire now and just be a coach.  You can try and tell me that but I was on the rollers this morning refining my riding style in the quest for smoother power and have promised to put the road work in. I have to do this just to try and keep up never mind give her someone to chase.

Given I did a 23.17 on one of the better courses last year it makes you wonder how fast she will go!!!!!!!!!


1 Response to “Time Trialling on the bike”

  1. April 7, 2011 at 5:35 pm

    I started doing time trials for a bit of a diversion from track at uni in the late 80s. When I started I used to get beaten by old blokes with tree trunks for thighs who could not seem to walk once off the bike! I chipped away at my times for about 10 years until my last duathlon – Worlds in 1998.

    After a few years I figured these things help
    1. Ability to keep in the big ring all the way and then probably at least in the 14 on a flattish course
    2. Ability to keep on tribars all the way, bar end shifters helped here (are they still allowed?)
    3. Go faster kit – darth vader hat, disc wheel, skin suit, tri spoke front
    4. Fast course on a good day

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