It is about the bike

This week has been about getting ready for the National 10 mile Time Trial championships. Not for me I should add but for Rach. I’m not fast enough !!!

The first clue that Rach was ready happened on Friday when we went out for the easy ride. Whereas I had been training hard all week and by Friday morning had VERY tired legs Rach was totally buzzing. During and after the ride my feeling was that we may even have to do the easy rides separately as I just could not cope with her recovery pace. On reflection though it may this week just have been the different training we had done and in reality me holding her back did her a favour.

The plan had been to ride the course on Friday evening but as Rach went to London to meet Victoria Pendalton and hang out with people involved in Cycletta add that to a Friday night drive and we were too late to ride. Plan B was Saturday morning.

Saturday morning arrived and we headed over to the course parking up about 3 miles from “the turn”. Bike and us ready and the headwind was brutal. We were back pretty quickly once we made the turn. As I was  riding in the local clubs TT which was also on T102 we had to get to registration which was as always easy and allowed me time to warm up. YES YES I warmed up on the Turbo trainer with a few sets to get the legs moving and HR up.

Cruised to the start with a simple plan – Go hard and push harder.

The ride to the turn was the worst wind I have ever ridden in with 20 MPH and staying in the big ring becoming the holly grail for me. Took me nearly the whole 5 miles out to catch my minute man(second in the 60 -69 Cat the winner was a second faster than me). That said at the back of my mind was the simple fact heading back was going to be fast.  Once clear of “the turn” I just put my foot down with 3 of the last 5 miles at 30mph plus and the others not far away.

So back to the car and a chat with Ian and Rach about the course, I said that the road was busy but everyone gave me plenty of room and that with the wind being totally in your face there were no problems with it beyond effort required. We all agreed that risking everything to the turn was the right approach.

Rach went through her warm up and we all tried to convince each other the wind was dropping. When the time came though the wind was brutal, that said Rach rode a blinder and finished 11th and our friend Ian was 48th overall and 2nd in his Age  Group.

The ride home was great with 2 people in a car who were very pleased with themselves. It was a long drive though and once home we were a bit hyper so it was 0130 before we went to bed.

Now to Sunday and we made the decision to do the Sunday training ride.  If I am honest I hate this as I have to ride way too hard from the start. Today was no exception with a few people feeling very frisky into the wind. Safe to say I nearly bailed during that first hour, once I get through the hour though all seems to improve as I warm up and “enjoy” it a bit more. That said I need this session so no matter what I am sure it will stay in my training until after AdH.

You will have noticed there is no talk of running in here and that is quite simply because I have not run since Thursday.

All changes now though as off for a run ……..


1 Response to “It is about the bike”

  1. June 11, 2011 at 8:05 am

    With all of that said a bumper stick aka a water bottle sticker with a statement regarding Rach as my hero would be wonderful in the works.

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