Common sense shocker

Not something as an athlete I am often accused of. Funny statement coming from a coach but when you wear more than one hat you sometimes put yourself in the firing line. Put another way I push boundaries on myself with a theory that if I can’t cope then another person has even less chance of coping. This does see me do some pretty stupid things though :¬)

Having done the 3LC on Saturday it was 10km time on Sunday and this saw me line up at the local 10km. Plan as always was to go out at 35 minute pace looking to run 35 mins. Last time out my pace settled at 3.33 a km and I ran 35.05 on a course that was about 100 metres short. This also saw me bitching about a dodgy hamstring.

Used the long run warmup again heading to young Mikeys house and then doing the last part of the warm up with him. In honesty I was a little early and spent more time standing around than I would have liked.

Went out at 3.30 pace from the gun and even though the climbs were in the first 2kms my pace stayed pretty solid. Dropping down the hill to 3km I was moving through the field nicely. 5kms in 17.20 with watch saying I was running 3.30km pace and I was up to 3rd. My plan in the second half is to maintain or pickup and come 7kms I was running 3.29 pace and closing 2nd place. I passed 2nd at 8km and pushed hard for the finish. Funny thing is that the course hits 10km just over 200 metres from the finish and this is just accepted so that “last km” is a LONG way. Came on in 35.31 for 2nd place having past 10km in 34.50. Very happy.

This morning saw I rode the club 25 mile TT knowing I was a little worse for wear no worries though as it is a different workout. Put down a solid long 62 and beyond my legs feeling a little more sore I was in good spirits.

This leads me to the point of the blog. Monday night is track night and as expected I headed to track. Did the warm up and realised that my legs needed the downtime so I coached and did not take part. This shows me that I put in a good effort yesterday.

Cool HUH ?


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