Is my crank supposed to do that?

A totally out of sequence blog.

Decided to brave the rain yesterday and ride “The Stag”. It is safe to say I got wet and blown around which was fine however as I rode back into Newbury I got a shock as struggling to change to the big ring to race the speed camera my crank came off. No really I looked down and the pedal and crank were attached to me but not the bike.  All the more funny as I had no phone and had to walk to Mikeys to call Rach. Oh well that happens and it is all reconnected now.

In the afternoon Rach and I decided to pop down to the Bike Market as it was in Eastleigh a check on the website said open until 4 so we arrived at 3 to discover it was shut. All the funnier as we had given up MotoGP and the Dauphine to make the trip in the hope of getting some tyres and tubes.

Itchy and Gymfreak came round for Chinese and to talk bikes and running in the evening. It was great to spend time catching up with people in the flesh and I ate far too much. I know this is true as I saw the results on the scales this morning!!!!!

Saturday was fun packed for sure starting with the drive to Abingdon. All week the plan had been Bedfords first event for a flat fast run but on Friday night it was decided Abingdon was closer so we could avoid the early start. Arrived at Abingdon to discover it was offroad for 90% plus of the run and that did nothing for my mood. I warmed up and although not that impressed I had got a sweat on and was ready for the off. Went off steady(fast) and slowed to the correct pace KM 1 coming up in 3.22 with me just behind the dog runners who had done what they do and gone out hard. 2KMS came up in 6.45 and suddenly I was very interested. Although I had to run offroad and there were gates I felt good. By 3KMS I was in 3rd place and the watch said 10.09. This was my best 3kms for some time but the twisty and rutted nature of the course was starting to get to me. Hit 4KMs in 13.37 and knew I had a shot at a sub 17(not done since turning 40)  Sadly it was not to be as even running sub 5 min mile pace into the end I ran 17.05. I laugh as I always say it is better for a course to be slightly long and Abingdon is slightly long ala garmin. In the end a good run on a flat fast course. With faster turns who knows what I could do. It was good to MoaT and RichK and chat a little even if I was grumpy.

We then headed to to Newmarket where Rach was riding the BBAR 25 which was integrated into the VTTA 25 championships. Rach was off 4th from last and did not disappoint riding hard from the start and coming back with a last 5 miles averaging over 30 mph. She won the event by 90 seconds. As impressive as that was though I have to mention Carole Gandy who rode 60.01 impressive by any standard but even more so when you consider she is 66 !!!!!! Even with this great result we are still wondering what Rach is going to do once we get her on a better bike with a disc wheel and higher spec components. Some of Saturday night was spent costing things out and working out how if no sponsor comes forward we can afford to get her what she needs.

Was good to see TRO even though he poofed out and didn’t ride with me. I spent 70 minutes acting like a wind magnet but the end result was a good training ride which with Sundays hardman efforts meant I got an excellent if short weekends training on the bike.

A number of the athletes I coach were also racing at the weekend and this supplied me with a whole host of great news from rocket fast 200s to good half marathons in tough conditions. All in all a great weekend.

In closing and probably the only “moment” of the weekend. If you live in Newmarket and drive a silver Skoda I would just like to say thanks for nearly killing me!!! Can your journey really be so important that you need to round me then cut across the front of me on a roundabout? I mean really ? In all honesty I hope it shook you up a little when you realised how close to me you were.  Manslaughter comes with a number of years in prison you know.


2 Responses to “Is my crank supposed to do that?”

  1. June 13, 2011 at 9:10 am

    Count yourself lucky, I was16 years old, 250 miles from home and skint when that happened to me.

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