National 50

A weekend of mixed fortune and crazy weather.

Lets start with Rach.

We got there early and collected numbers drove the course etc. and with about 45 mins to go it was time to get Rach ready for her warmup. As if like magic we had biblical rain. Within minutes there was surface water everywhere. Lots of worried ladies and a start delayed by 30 minutes. Again if like magic the rain stopped !!!! Then Started!!!!!! Then Stopped.

Warm up abandoned in favour of staying warm and riding into the race gently. Within 20 minutes of the start Rach was in more rain with heavy winds making progress tough but after about an hour the weather improved the rain stopped and the wind dropped a little.  She pushed on and finished with a 2.04. If you had said a month ago 2.04 she would have been happy but I think deep down she was hoping to be a lot closer to 2hrs.

6th place and pretty happy :¬)

Better weather,  new bike and wheels,   a good winters training and next year will be interesting.

Sunday and it was my turn. It was quite apparent when I got up this morning that I was not well with a sore back achy legs and desiring a packet of lockets !!! That said it was my first nationals so I wanted to take part. No rain and all the way over no wind meant I was still hopeful of riding a solid time with Rachaels 2.04 my benchmark. Come 8.01 and it was windy I would go as far as to say up there with the National 10(clue that I felt ill really) and at 8.02 I was off. If honest I was in trouble from the start  but thought if I made the top turn I could relax and get some confidence that I could still ride a solid ride. I turned and tried to ride on but my heart rate was dropping and my legs were burning and everytime there was a slight incline I just died. Past Rach on my way to the bottom of the course and knew it was all over as did she.

19.5 miles and parked up. Felt terrible. Truely gutted actually :¬(


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