Oh I say he’s back

the Dark Time Trialler is healthy.

Having backed off training after Sundays DNF (I fulfilled 2 coaching commitments) I returned to training on Wednesday morning with 4 x 500 running reps. I was not as fast as 2 weeks ago but given the wind and my weight it was a sucessful morning. This set me up nicely for the return to H10/1.

I like H10/1 I don’t know why I just do. Got down early and saw the traffic lights were still there  but double green so assumed no problem. I was wearing normal gear to save my speedsuit for tonight although ironically I may not wear it tonight either.  Lots of fun and banter around my choice of clothing.

Rog asked me to go off one minute behind him as he wanted to know he was being chased and not sure how but it got me motivated. Within 2 miles I was hitting Saturday Heart rates and within 5 miles I had a caught Rog. The wind had been tough but on turning I realised I had a sniff of a 22.X. I attempted to put foot down and did the last 5 miles in around 10.20 which got me a 23.10. My fastest time on this course and my 2nd fastest time ever.  Over the moon did not really cut it. I think I may finally have my seat postion about right as I was quite comfy as well. I had no issues with the lights but turns out I was in the minority.

The evening was partially ruined after another incident on a well known running forum between myself and a former friend. I shouldn’t get wound up but I did. In the end I am not sure what annoys me more. The person and what they do/have done or am I annoyed at me for letting them get to me?

Tonight sees Rach and I taking part in another time trial but this time combined times matter as this is for the club. A novel concept given TTing is such a solo thing. Rach is in the “A” squad and I am in the” B” squad. Could be an interesting evening.


2 Responses to “Oh I say he’s back”

  1. 1 lesley
    June 26, 2011 at 7:34 pm

    Hi Gobi, which is better running or the bike ????

    • June 27, 2011 at 8:40 am

      They are very different activities. Rach tells me when the chips are down I am obviously still a runner at heart but there is no doubt I enjoy spending time on the bike as well.

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