God has a wicked sense of humour

We had a double time trial weekend planned with both events being on the A419, a road that has a reputation for speed and incidents. PERFECT.

Not impressed with the 4am wakeup we drove down in perfect weather and set Rach up to go.  Finally perfect weather and with the propeller and disc Rach was looking to fly. I was even confident of a PB on the 25.4 mile course using the Zipp 404s.

Stood waiting for the off and I looked over and saw someone who looked like Rach, turned out it was Rach and some cheeky little bastards had put bibs on and directed her off the course. Sadly with no way back onto the road she was out. As sad and annoyed as she was she offered me the good wheels so a quick change and I was off.

Hard to talk about this after Rachaels issues but weather was perfect and I was inside my 10 mile PB constantly and came home in 57.29 on a course that measured 25.4 miles due to emergency changes. PB of some 95 seconds!! When riding this was almost perfect with the exception of a little quad/Hip Flexor cramp in the last 2 miles. Minus point for my own stupidity as I sat up before the line. Bad moment on one roundabout where I got a Jedi driver:(  Hard to be unhappy really given the awesome time.

2 hours later and I was on the track running 1200s inside my 1500pb pace so all in all a great day.

Sunday morning came and Rach was really up for the 10 miler. We had a lie in (6am)  and headed back to the HQ for day 2. On the way we passed roadworks on the A419. Dread filled us as we approached HQ and our fears were realised as we were told the event was cancelled. Rach was devastated as this was the first weekend of perfect weather in 2011 and she missed it.

We headed home and decided to find out where the Newbury RC club ride was going for coffee. Off we went with Rach and I riding with passion the 26 miles there. Had a nice coffee and joined them for 10 miles back before I was struck down by a ripped tyre puncture. I sent Rach off to get the car as I had little faith that I would ride far and told the others to enjoy the ride. Thanks to Brian for the inner tube patch and I was all be it slowly on my way. Arrived in Lambourn and put a little more air in the tyre as there is a big bloody hill ahead and I was soon at “The Stag”. I called Rach to let her know where I was leaving a message on the answer phone. I was soon moving at 20 plus MPH with the wind behind me and was surprised when I made it to the A4. Called Rach to tell her where I was and again got the answer phone. I finally saw Rach about 2 mins from the house so rode all the way home:¬) Inside we established that she had done 6 miles more than me and at a slower pace so I had arrived home literally 2 minutes after her !!!!!!

Funny old game


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