Watford Open 800 metres

This could be quite funny as usually I write short reports about long races and here is a long report about a short race.

Went to Watford after 2 months of training with James and Mike.  I only did the training really to sharpen myself up before marathon training but somewhere in all the training it became apparent I had more leg speed than I expected.

With a PB of 2.21 and having run a 2.23 through 800 in a km race I was confident a PB was possible, training had infact indicated that on a perfect day 2.08 could be on but definately sub 2.15.

Arrived early and ate lots before starting a long warm up. There were a lot of people so basically just did drills sprints etc until my race was called.

Race 12 and there I was stood among the little people, seriously the oldest might have been 15 but none really came much above my shoulder. I stood on the inside thinking they will all shoot off so no problem given my lack of raw speed. This happened as expected and even running hard around the bend I was 2 from the back going through 100 in 15 seconds. The pace stayed strong and I hit 200 in 31 seconds. I was use to this as James and Mike often take me out hard in training. I then got a shock as heading round the bend the pace just dropped and there I was 40 years old an experienced coach who studies tact tics STUCK in a box 49 seconds at 300 metres whereas my plan was 47 seconds. I managed to get out going down the straight and went throught the bell between 66 and 67 seconds, lesson learnt I ran the bend close to lane 2 and started to push my pace. 600 came up in 1.39.xx so I kicked for home moving again in lane 2 and passing people round the bend, with 70 metres to go my head went back and I just drove to the line. 2.12.07 and I was happy with the time and the negative split.

Once composed I concluded that I will go faster just with better positioning, I just didn’t expect the sudden drop off in pace.

In other news I finished 2nd overall but first club member at a bike hill climb tonight winning a trophy. Pretty cool indeed and saw a new HRmax on the bike.

I have lost weight over the last week !!!!!!!!!!


1 Response to “Watford Open 800 metres”

  1. July 15, 2011 at 10:00 pm

    top week by the sounds of it dark lord 🙂

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