Success on the bike and the run

Our club does 2 hill climbs a year. One is four miles and the other in September is barely 1 mile.

Rach and I rode out to the course and I got a puncture. Couple of stops to pump it up. Changed the inner tube and cut my finger open. While all this was going on Rach stitched me by getting me off 2nd in the hill climb with her chasing me. Great I thought, Rach coming past me up a hill is not what I need to see.  Decided there and then to go out hard and just give it maximal everywhere. The result was pretty good as I climbed pretty well managed near 20 mph on the “long drag” caught my minute man before the end and beat Rach by 30 seconds :¬) When everyone else finished it turned out I was 2nd overall. Not bad for someone who claims he can’t climb quickly. 

Saturday saw us all set to go North to Bedford and HammerTimes 10 mile TT so a quick stop off to Black Park parkrun was in order. Riding hard the night before obviously mean I was going to run sensibly didn’t it ?

Not at all, went off at 5min mile pace with 3 others before getting a little sensible and backing down a bit. By 2kms the damage was done though as the legs said pain and “remember last night” By 4kms I was going backward :¬) but a last surge saw me finish with a 3.23 km 4th place but the time of 17.25. Surprising speed all things considered, ran a few miles with Peter Williams afterwards before Coffee with a few friends and Rachael.

The weather was pretty shit by this point so no TT and headed home to relax.

Today was the 50 mile TT on H50 /1, I know this course well having ridden a number of 10s and 25s on it. My plan was simple. 2.05. Wind means it is quite simple whatever pace you ride into the wind try to go as many MPH faster than 24 with the wind for as little effort as possible. Finished in 2.05.14 knowing there is more in there but achieving the important thing which was finishing my first 50. Would you believe Rach beat me by 5 seconds? We have had great fun analysing the stats.

Something has been noticed in the last couple of months, a very relaxed approach to training. Yes I am doing quite a bit but no stressing on doing extra sessions, no I must train. Things just happen ….

3 days until we head of to France for 10 days of mountain, TdF and a little triathlon. AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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