France condensed

Day 1- didn’t make it to Galibier but saw the end on TV. Had a REST day

Day 2 – Rode to Bourg via the Tri course, this was all part of the master plan and a great ride. Saw the tour at the base of AdH. Hammered it back. AWESOME.

Day 3 – did walking yes I am serious. We were staying near the Time Trial so played it smart. Great day out got some good pictures and ate a VERY RED hotdog – STRANGE.

Day 4 – we were now in Bourg and staying at Le Velo Jaune. This is like a second home and we cannot recommend it enough as a place to stay. Took part in the duathlon with some easy running and a hard effort up the Alpe. I had now done the entire bike course as planned.

Day 5 – did the Galibier and saw Snow in July. Why did I do Galibier ? Simply because I like it and Rach had not climbed it. Awesome as always.

Day 6 – largely a rest day and yet it all went wrong here. I did the 16 minutes as planned but come dinner time I was feeling bloated.

Day 7 – race day or DNS day as it will now be known.  I was awake at 0300 and still awake later. Come alarm time I was ill and tired. I got up at 1730. Rach had done a wonderful thing and managed to get my entry moved to the sprint race the next day. She also told me I had missed some really bad weather. I ate dinner in the evening my first food for over 24hours. It was slow and it was careful but it stayed down.

Day 8 – Race day, to be honest if it had been in the morning I would not have raced. As it was the late start let me have more time. Stomach was not 100% but I raced and it was a good way to end. It is not that I hate triathlon I actually like it but my body doesn’t and I want to be a racer. Good bye triathlon racing hello more coaching.

Day 9 – the best day of the trip. Rach and I climbed AdH on the Bromptons. We stopped to take a couple of pictures but 75 minutes later we were at the top. What a great atmosphere as people waved and chatted to us. I have never seen so many bemused people :¬) The descent was FANTASTIC as I used foot out MotoX style cornering. This was the highlight of my trip. I don’t think I have ever had so much fun on a bike.

Day 10 – Rach had once more selected somewhere in the middle of nowhere for us to stay. Impressivelywe were near the de Gaulle museum. We rode 60 miles and then we popped  in for a look around. Some 3 hours later we were being kicked out having just about seen everything.  I felt quite subdued after this. He was a remarkable man.

We drove home the next day leaving France with a lot of good memories and already thinking about the next trip. We did infact have lots of time to think about it as our early progress was out done by useless Brits who could not use a simple system making us miss our train. We were slipped 1 hour and then didn’t get on that train either :¬0  The lesson here is that we will stick to late night trains and start taking the next day off.


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