Newbury MG Owners Club

So Rach and I have been the “keepers” of an MG since not long after we moved into the new house. We have been getting the magazine and talking about attending the local group for some time.

Tonight it happened, we drove to the venue and surprise surprise not many MGs but I knew it was the right place. We walked in and tried to spot where they were. Straight ahead to a room full of men in “BAD” shirts sporting beards. Oh yes this was the place. Am I being rude if I say it was as expected ? I don’t think so as it takes all sorts of people to own cars but to own an old MG the chances are you wanted one as a kid or even had one but now was your chance to enjoy it as a 2nd or 3rd car. Therefore it is likely you will be a “certain” age. Rach and I got ours thanks to her dad and with me being a former Mini collector this seems a good place to hang out.

Turned out it was “BAD” shirt night if only I had known :¬)

We spoke to lots of people who asked what car we have and do we do the work on it. MGB GT and not if I can help it was my reply :¬)

Then we actually signed up to attend a lecture on the Vulcan Bomber. This is too cool as it will be given by the man who paid for the restore and the pilot who flew the Vulcan when it bombed Stanley.

We shall attempt to join in a few drives where we can but will definately be going back on a Tuesday.


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