#BWC2011 and another Time Trial

you can tell from the title which event really mattered today.

Rach and I headed up early to Blenheim Palace early where that nice man the Duke of Marlborough had allowed Bike Blenheim to happen in August. Would you believe we got good weather?

Arrived with plenty of time to get ready and got registered for the TT and the Brompton race. After warming up I was as seems to be the way these days concerned about my legs but very up for the ride.

Lap1 and I just went hard from the get go, eating the first climb with ease. Dropping down over the cattle grid I felt good but the next climb hit hard. I stood up and realised that I had a little break rub :¬( Finished the lap inside 10.30 so happy but wondering how I had gone so fast last year. The second and 3rd laps followed the same pattern and I was finished exhausted in 31.17 and a 10 second improvement.

Analysis afterwards says I worked hard and am in good shape but was in better bike shape last year as we had just returned from France whereas this time I have hardly ridden my bike in the last 3 weeks instead running and racing hard. A good result but now it was time for the main event. Was great to catch up with Martyn who rode well and have a brief chat to Charles Hammon who does AG Duathlon (fastest in my AG I was 3rd).

In the last 2 years I have not done BWC2011 but after a year with the Pink Dream machine I was ready to race.  Rach and I got ready for BWC2011(see Twitter pic of me looking tidy) and parked our bikes. Rach was in start 1 with Doctor Hutch and Julia Shaw whereas I was in start 2 with “the also rans”. This meant that unless Rach had a pig I would not see her until the end. My ride saw me hook up with 1 chap and we worked the 2 laps. I felt the TT in my legs from the first climb but what a brilliant time. 2 hard laps(harder than the TT) saw me come in to the finish to see Rach waiting with Julia Shaw.

Rach then told me about her ride, getting out fast and working with some lads Oh and the small issue of finishing first lady. Here is the thing, the Brompton race only starts when you cross the chip mat so Rach had no idea who had won. Of course most of the smart money was on Julia Shaw who had skipped the TT like Rach to “focus” on the Brompton race. Personally always felt Rach had a shot on a Brompton as she rides the bike 5 days a week commuting to work and often rides very hard.

We chatted to Martyn and Bex Slack who both said it was close, so we all knew it hinged on how long was Rach on the road before JS. Off for drinks and food with Rachaels parents and trying to put the result out of our minds for a bit. As 3 oclock approached it got very exciting and we went to the stage.  The surprise on peoples faces when JS was called in 2nd place was stunning and the happiness Rach felt when winning was huge. Proud is an understatement, her parents and I took lots of pictures as did a number of other people(thanks Martyn).

We stood round the back talking to Hutch and Will(MD of Brompton) about frame flex and just how great Bromptons are before the final stage call for winners.

I don’t think any event has ever meant more to Rach, it is now 2231 and it is still the main topic of conversation in the house.

I’m just waiting to see which bike I get to ride to work :¬)


2 Responses to “#BWC2011 and another Time Trial”

  1. August 21, 2011 at 11:30 pm

    Do you think you will be able to get sub 30 mins next year?

  2. August 23, 2011 at 2:18 pm

    Depends where training is, this year I have spent the last 3 weeks in trainers and my TT bike has been ridden twice. I guess check back next year :¬)

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