The 300

I am delighted to say I have passed Januarys mileage total and still have 4 days of running to do this month. The body feels better now in week 4 than it did in week 2. This is the highest month of mileage I have done since January 09 as in the Feb I tore fibre in my pelvis which was the start of the dark days of 2009.

Adaptation is that word we love to throw around but I really believe it is happening. I have been good and not run every day infact I think only 1 week of the 4 has seen me do 7 days of running.

It still seems strange to be training “just for a marathon”  and not feeling the need to go out and do 30 mile runs.  September does see the possibility of running 7 days a week but I have a feeling this new smarter me will not allow it to happen. I  will put some long hours in on the bike instead (MAYBE) :¬)

Tomorrow will see me head to Cardiff parkrun to see if my legs will hold together and go sub 17 for 5km off the back of my biggest week of mileage off the back of my biggest month of mileage, you get the picture ?  It has been a while since this happened but last weekend on tired legs I ran 17.14 at Swindon having done 2 kms into the wind yet finishing with a 3.20km.  I feel strong, I feel like a runner who has a mission.

That dark tunnel suddenly feels like it was a long time ago and now stamding in the light it feels good.

Just one thing and this is a request to the big guy.

A little less rain in September please I have a lot of running to do :¬)


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