Week 5 review – the cut back

I’d like to say it was planned but it wasn’t. No complaining though as I needed it really.

So what happened? Firstly the double race weekend caused me to ban myself from Mondays speed work. Tuesday went as normal before I hit the track on Wednesday.

New track session this week as I prep for the 1500 at the end of September, it was tough but awesome. Sadly the only run on Wednesday as work got in the way. Had a good TT on the bike as well.

Thursday and I had a road trip so got up early and put 15 miles in. Run was smooth but aware that I have a niggle in my left thigh. No other sessions that day as I didn’t get home until 7pm just in time for Fish Thursday.

Planned to take a rest day on Friday but I didn’t, felt a little twitchy so did an easy 3 miles and some weights. Again aware of my leg :¬(

Saturday and it was time to hit the parkrun, we chose Swindon as it is a pretty good course and I wanted to run hard again, the leg feels fine once I am warmed up so was pretty calm. Less than 2 miles into my warmup the battery died on the Garmin. I hate running blind but that was my fault.

The race – went off hard to get running ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEp4S963J9M&feature=share ) and then settled into a race with Dave Coales. Just ran with him or as hard as I could. Rach gave me a time split as I ran past half way ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sy-lWSwvPog&feature=share ) but I didn’t really catch it :¬) Ran as hard as I could on the second lap and as I came up to the finish Rach shouted 15 seconds so I tried as hard as I could. RESULT WAS 17.00. My best time for 18 month or so but strangely disappointed.

In the afternoon Rach and I met up with Peter Weir to ride the BTTC course they were racing on the next day.

That was week 5 and saw 80 miles and quite a rested body so was really hoping to get back on it during week6

The start of week 6

Got up early for the 20 miler and have to admit the first 3 miles were dire as my left leg pulled at me it was then until 9 miles it was fine. For 3 miles it pulled again as I picked the pace up and then my right knee felt crunchy. From about 14 miles my hamstrings played up as well.

The pluses  – another 20 done and Rach said I looked smooth at the end. Aerobically I am there already. The stats are excellent, just need to add the MP.

The negs – concern about the legs, by this point in a plan I expect this to be routine given all the 10/12/14s and general volume  I am doing yet my achillies are still not great, my knee is playing up and I have this left thigh groin strain. Not what I want to be talking about.

Didn’t enjoy running without the IPOD to listen to.  Only seem to enjoy the last 3 miles of running because I was nearly finished.  In the past my ultra training has been build on a diet of miles and long runs, so far it seems I can do the miles ( running for 90 mins to 2hrs seems fine) but the 20 just seems a drag. Daft when you consider it is all over in 2hrs 40.

Spent the afternoon in the rain with Mr&Mrs Jigs and Ted as we watched Rach ride past in the BTTC event. Biblical rain is not what Rach wanted yet she put down a good time to finish just outside the top10. A good winter and some performance goodies will see her move up that table next year. Oh that and some bike racing to improve the bike handling.

Big thanks to Peter Weir for the bike work and to Ted and Team Jigs for coming out to help and support Rach. We really appreciated it.

Have take this morning off but will run again at lunchtime. Leg monitoring will be key over the next week as I try to establish is it a real injury or just a mild niggle/strain. Currently we are at niggle/strain as it loosens and doesn’t seem to get any worse no matter what I do.

Snowdon is calling………..


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