The legs – an update from the coal face

As many of you know I am a former high mileage runner who thanks to injury has stepped back these last few years while slowly rebuilding my base.  I spent 3 months doing 30 miles a week followed by an entire year running about 50 miles a week with a 2.50 – 3hr marathon once a month. Pretty stress free when I look back on it. Having taken a break after pacing at Brighton my mileage quickly returned to 50 miles a week and stress free running while managing to run reasonably quickly over distances up to 10km.  I should of course point out that all the running was supplimented with cycling so most months saw me do 60 or so hours of training. 

I’m halfway through week 6 so thought I’d share the week an update on the body.

Monday night at track I did 6 x 60 metres flat out, no real speed here but that is normal. Reaction from the legs ZERO.

Tuesday I went out for 11 with the lads and after about a mile all was good. I didnt feel like I was running funny and had no issues putting power down on the hills. Lunchtime saw me run a little loop and I had knee buckles. I don’t know if many of you get that sensation but everything just collapses. There was no pain just a wibble wobble like “jelly on a plate” . Due to the crap weather Peter took the evening off so I also took the evening off.

Decided against track this morning and went out for a fartlek session, again the leg is niggly as I start out but when I put power down there are no issues. I returned home 11 miles later having done running close to 5mm, run up hill and downhill.

News from all this

Achillies were 100% fine

Knee was 100% fine

Left leg – no better or worse

Here is the bugger

Right leg – felt a similar but much milder achey feeling in my quad.

What does this all mean?

Firstly it means that I am still training so 50 miles done in 4 days.  

From this it means I am concerned that my body cannot handle “proper” marathon training which when I want to do the Comrades next year and get a silver for the down run is a major issue. I have not entered the Comrades and won’t until after I have done Snowdon.  I sit back now and wait for comments about doing less volume or settling for what you can do. I’m  not one to settle, FFS I haven’t even reached the 100 mile weeks and proper marathon training yet. 

If 50 miles a week could get me a 2.25 marathon I would still run a 100 mile plus weeks in the hope of running 2.15, low mileage settling is not an option, why run 2.50 when aerobically you can run 2.2X?  Either my body trains and adapts or I retire from marathons/Ultras.

Many of my friends and people I race against are getting ready to run at the 100km World Champs or the Commonwealth games events. I wish I had been able to train and be with them but I knew after the 100km I was not ready.  It was a tough tough call admitting I couldn’t do it.  It was made easier by my piss poor run at the 100km though.

Snowdon could well be the end of the road for the Dark Distance Runner.

Onwards for now to Snowdon…….


1 Response to “The legs – an update from the coal face”

  1. 1 TRO Saracen
    September 8, 2011 at 12:59 pm

    Hope it holds together mate! If youre still doing ultras by 2013, may be joining you in Comrades. The OH wants to do it, and if she’s there it’d be rude not to have a go as well.

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