The missing blog – A cyclist who runs a bit ?

Week 7 looks like this so far.

Not exactly planned but it is safe to say I am back in the old routine with cycling picking up a majority of my sessions. I had another non run day which makes 3 in the last 6. 

I did run some reps on Monday and did my medium run on Tuesday neither event or pace made any difference to my leg but the fact is the damn thing hurts when I am running, no for all of the run but for chunks of it.

The plan is to run for the next 2 days no matter what but then have a complete break from running over the weekend. The ammended longer term plan between now and New Forest half sees me cycling a lot and running very little, if I start the half and get close to my planned session then I will attempt to still focus on Snowdon.

So suddenly the question is, am I a runner who rides a bit or a cyclist who runs a bit ?

This is not exactly what I had planned at this point in my plan.

Ironic that 2 months ago I would have just stopped running for a period and ridden the bike without thinking about it.


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