Another week this time number 8 and a first test of MP

Feels like I have done more resting than running this past week yet the numbers disagree as it turns out I did 47 miles which is 7 more than last week :¬), No where near what I needed though. The odd 110 on the bike also helped I am sure.

What about these miles? It was a standard Monday Tuesday with Speedwork Monday night and the medium run Tuesday morning. All looked promising until the 3 miler Tuesday night as reported in an old blog. Wednesday became another non run day as I tried to save myself. Thursday morning I cruised an easy 8 miles as CF was ill so not training and arranged to do hills with Lee Thursday evening. This turned out to be a monster session of some 9.5 miles with 4 miles of hill reps and I felt good afterwards. Common sense on Friday meant no running AGAIN but this was caution not necessity.

The race weekend started with Basingstoke Parkrun, 7 miles in total a 1st place and 16.48. I’d like to jump for joy but the reality is that this course although HARD is always short. Credit where it was due I only got it 70 metres short but that would take me to about 17 minutes.  I did leave feeling like I had raced well and with an effort HR and MaxHR to be very impressed with.

That ended week 8.

Week 9 started today with the first test of MP, simple plan run some miles then put a half in around 79 minutes and run a few more miles.  All started to go wrong last night when we realised I had forgotten my number :¬) Then we realised I didn’t know exactly where the information area would be to try and get a number. Race morning was well planned with breakfast done before 8am ahead of a 10am start. 9am and running out to get 5 miles in I notice all the marathon runners looking relaxed, I then found out the half started at 9.30 !!! Turned back and found Rach near the car. At this point I was very agitated as warm up was cut short and without saying too much I had not been to the toilet which means with a “later” breakfast I felt a little bloated. Contemplated not starting but got over it. First 3 miles were a bit rough as I just tried to settle down. Once it happened though I was moving ok. Pace was a little slower than I had hoped but happy to put that down to the course and the hills. Disaster was at 11 miles just as I passed Rach as my left hamstring cramped, gutted about this as the pace was calm as was my HR, a quick stretch and I was on my way with miles 12 and 13 at  6mm until about 50 feet from the line when I had to stretch again. So 1.21 and change for MP effort, then off to do 5 more miles.

Review – MP is too slow for a 2.45 crack at Snowdon and the lack of miles is showing in my hamstrings. Plus side is my left thigh feels the same as this it did when I got up this morning. I’m seeing a specialist about my leg on Tuesday and hope that with some treatment  can up the miles a little more.


1 Response to “Another week this time number 8 and a first test of MP”

  1. 1 RFJ
    September 26, 2011 at 8:15 pm

    Hope you get some positive answers from the specialist and be able to move onwards…

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