Oi Oi Fat boy

Since Snowdon it is safe to say that my main focus has been on recovery, this means I ate lots last week and ran very little. I had hoped that this would mean I was rested for my first XC since the 2009/2010 season.  Someway through last week things went a little wrong as I picked up a sore throat and then noticed that I was a little heavy. Must admit I didn’t really worry as I being ill I thought eating made more sense.

Saturday morning I went to the new Oxford parkrun where I confess I stole a cheeky win. Number 50 so a nice landmark at the first running of an event. Sadly although I ran easy it was safe to say I was not comfy with some nasty back pain making me thankful I didn’t need to really put the foot down.  It did however make me nervous and on Sunday morning before XC I stepped on the scales, 79kgs !!!!!!!!!!!!!! The heaviest I have been in the entire time I have known Rach. I confess to being confused, depressed and devasted by this. I am hoping that my digestive system is a little off from being pumped with drugs and things will calm down through the week.

In 08 I got my weight down to 70kgs and settle at 71 ish where I had some great races. In 2011 I have been happy to make 74/75kgs either way anything over 76 makes for a painful day.

XC and 800 metres in I knew I was in a world of pain. Fred the fat lad meets mud with pain in my back that meant no leg lift, no drive, no pace.  35 minutes I toiled for and the only comfort was that I knew I was not on the limit so up the last climb I bagged a few extra points for the team.  Possibly the worst I have ever run in a XC race and I have had some poor early season races before.

If I want to run properly something has to change and change fast, I’m getting older and need to be smarter if I want to compete in events and not just be someone taking part.

Looking forward to getting away to France and riding my bike again.


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