Spinning, streaking, cross country and other bits

So having returned from France I decided that an entire week was more than enough time without running. I have however been rather sensible and only run once a day. That said I am streaking as that everyday really has become everyday. This is not really in the plan but for now it serves a purpose. By this I mean it is helping me mentally.

The niggles in general seem to have settled at 2, glute pain, this is a new one on me but is a awkward. The other is lower back pain. LBP I have had for many years and usually is a sign that my weight is high.

My weight has moved to a new level of HIGH !!!! and I don’t feel I have been super bad with my diet. Conclusion is that in trying to save the adductor I have backed off so much that I am eating too much for the volume of training I am doing.

Solution – more volume, there you have it then. Regular running even at a slow pace cheers me up and regular training in general should get my weight under control soon.(at least stop it going daft over Christmas)

So how did my second cross countrt race go ? I’m still slow and fat but this went better than expected. Started too far back thinking I should be safely out of the way and actually was held up :¬) Spent the entire race moving through the field. COOL to finish much closer to the people I am use to racing. Stat analysis tells me the niggles were just that only niggles and let me run an incredibly well paced race. Still hard looking at results and seeing where I use to finish compared with now. I have work to do. Afterwards I did a few easy miles and confess that the glute was a little uncomfortable and this stayed with me for most of the day.


1 Response to “Spinning, streaking, cross country and other bits”

  1. December 11, 2011 at 11:20 pm

    YOu might just be getting older…… niggles are warning signs, don’t ignore them.

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