Did someone say MaraFUN ?

It has been a while, Snowdon was an injury battled I’m doing this race because I want to moment and Nice, well that was a total disaster hidden in a great holiday.

Having taken 8 days off I decided that I would run once a day everyday, streaking they call it and that is what I do. Just once a day while I recover between sessions and build some base.

Did 40 easy miles that first week and 60 the next. Over the two weeks a few things happened:
1. I lost weight
2. I was in less pain
3. I wanted to run more and more

So what happened after that was a few messages to people and suddenly I had entry into 2 marathons!!

TZruns Andover track marathon which was a solid steady effort and a chance to see a lot of people I know. No real drama, one minor stress and a thanks to Ian Berry and others for a well organised race. I still think the Lion is really cool :¬) I did however run a little harder than I planned.

Day 2 saw me on the line at the Portsmouth Marathon, no idea what to expect but knew I was going for a gentle plod. Dialled in a pace with an 8 in it and chatted to a few people. 7 miles in and I slipped into a barrier so was glad I had tights on as they collected the blood from the wound:¬). The out and back course was good as I could see lots of people I knew with some giving me more abuse that others(Ian Berry). Somewhere around 15 miles the 51 miles I had done since Friday started to catch up. What followed was 11 aerobically comfortable but sore miles. The plus was the pace was steady and I was still enjoying myself.

Talking to Rach we realised that I had actually had fun,(requests to the barman are always a good sign) yes this was a very serious 3 days of running(63 miles in total) but I had enjoyed every stride. I wanted to be there and having run on the two days since it is obvious I well and truly feel back in training.

How is my body? Sunday I admit I wanted to die, as soon as I crossed the finish line I was done. At home that evening I barely moved and although content with my work I was concerned about recovery and cursing(with a smile) that I had run a little hard on Saturday at points. Monday morning and I was amused to feel mild DOMS but nothing more, ok intervals last night saw me running slower than my normal warmup BUT I was running smoothly. This morning I had 3 of the lads come round for a nice 10.4miles. The pace was slow and I felt tired by I was amused by being droppped up the hills by Dave “Andover Road” Mitcham who kept kicking the pace everytime I said I was ok. I shall get him back. I’m already looking forward to tomorrows 10.5 miles :¬)

Now if I can hold this feeling for 6 months, do all the miles I want and get those good quality weekends in there is a good Comrades waiting for me BUT more than that I will be a happy runner and it seems like a long time since I said that ……..


1 Response to “Did someone say MaraFUN ?”

  1. 1 Simon
    December 21, 2011 at 8:34 am

    Great to hear that the ‘fun’ in running has returned. I do find the term streaking conjuring all sorts of images I would wish to put to one side.

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