Gladbeck – it is further than you think

So for anyone who missed it we are infact in Denmark. How we got here is the reason for the blog.

Ok given Rach rides a bike we came on the train and drove through France, Belguim, Holland, Germany, oh yes GERMANY.

I think we were in the Eurotunnel when we worked out that it was a 4.5 hr drive and not 2.5 hours, fine no worries but we got the late train and it was already 0030(thanks to local time) as got off the train in Calais. It is safe to say the conversation in the car got a little colourful as we had already paid for the hotel and that Rach was NOT my favourite planner at this point. However as we drove we started to see the funny side of what we were up to. Oh stop at a services and sleep in the car and lets find a closer hotel etc.(I should mention that in the UK Rach had called the hotel to say we would be arriving around 0200, hence my surprise at having to drive 240 miles across Europe) were a few comments. As we drove Rach doing her best decided to look at stars and talk about constellations. “oh look the plough” she said to which I responded “looks like some stars to me” She said something about some belt that belonged to Orion. WTF, like I care I’m driving all night and want to go to bed.
She may as well have told me about rocks but it is possible I would have fallen asleep behind the wheel. Of course I am a stubborn bugger so 4.5 hrs later we did arrive in Gladbeck.

Best summed up by the hotel receptionist

“Are you the two people who called earlier?”
“You are a little later than you said”

Gladbeck – it is further than you think.

I was asleep by 0505 with a do not disturb before 1000 sign on my head.

At 10am the world was a lovely place and we got on with the drive and could actually look at sights we had seen from trains and planes, the highlight of the drive up is the bridge that links the islands. Nothing you can say except blimey that is a long way or as Rach said “a long expensive way”

We stayed in Holte last night in a place that had a scary restuarant so we got a take away in. Kebab happiness indeed.

This morning we drove on to Hillerod where we took part in the first parkrun there(we have been at 3 first runs in Denmark). Rach bagged a cheeky win whereas not for the first time I had to settle for 2nd. He was quick in patches and to be honest I was thinking about tomorrows race and had already done 3kms harder than I should have. The geeks out there will look at the time I run and assume it should have been easy but the course is a cracking rolling trail race and possibly one of the harder parkrun courses in existance. That said I believe it is instantly my favourite parkrun and I hope we get back to it in the summer or next January. After the parkrun we hung out with the RD and our friend Snaps and Rach again proved she is the geek of geeks by fixing the results on the new system which she has not been trained on. Me, I was talking sport with the chap who came 3rd and staying out the way.

Technically when we left we started to drive back as we are now in Kalundborg which is where tomorrows marathon is.

Race fuelled by pizza :¬)


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