Agony and ecstasy of a long distance runner

Here in the reality lounge I have been rudely stopped in my tracks by another non running injury.

Friday I slipped at work and fell down a few stairs. To be honest I never overly worried just thought that smarts a bit but hey I do this sometimes and beyond some swelling it is fine. It was a little tender Saturday so I took the parkrun very easy and then on Sunday it was ropey for about 8 miles. As we know the 50km pretty much went to plan(minus gut issues) and on Monday I felt pretty good so cracked on with training. Yesterday I did two runs, one with Lee where the ankle felt fine after about 10 minutes and another of 3.5 miles at 10mm with Peter. The alarm bells truly went off here as it never settled and I sat here last night in some pain.

Onto this morning and I got up to run with the lads but it took me 10 metres outside the house to call time on that idea. Right now all the mobility is fine but too much pressure on the leg(hopping or running) hurts just above the ankle. Of course it is my left leg and I am worried BUT I do know I have stopped quickly(for me). I am in no pain just sat around.

60 minutes on the turbo this morning would have told me nothing as yeah you guessed it the bike was fine. I do sometimes wonder if I should just be a cyclist, today is such a day.

The plan is to do no running today or tomorrow morning with walking around at work being the test to determine if I can run tomorrow night.

Cautious and worrying times and not for the first time a potential issue not caused by running.

This is why I do not have flights booked for Comrades. I am the other Mr Glass!!!!!!!


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