Comrades and the ankle update

So I went to the doctors on Monday and was rather quickly referred for an X-Ray. Two hours later I was leaving the hospital to the comment from the radiographer that there was no break. I know many people would be happy with that but for me it just opens a whole list of possibilities.

Stress Fracture – if this has happened then the fall just forced the issue and I was heading for one anyway. I know what to expect here and lets face it if I recovery during February then Comrades is still on.

Muscle/Tendon/Ligament injury – the ultimate darkness really, this could fix in day, weeks or months. Previous experience of these injuries leaves me very worried.

Two days of waiting to talk to the doctor ended yesterday with the conversation confirming no clean break and that I was being referred to Reading for more scans, I must admit I was hoping for instant trip to Oxford the NOC and an MRI. I don’t even fully know what is going on but looks like a bone scan. The speed at which things are happening is a concern in itself.

1 trip – 1 X-Ray – 1 Referal – he has not hidden the fact that he believes I have a bad issue and need to get to the bottom of it fast.

Where am I ? 9 days without running and I get heavier as each day passes.

Why? well I can ride my bike but have not got my head around using it all the time. I can do intervals for an hour but can’t do base work. Just not interested so I stay in bed. I guess this will change as I accept I can’t run.

The problem here is that my ankle is not improving, my walking improved a little but I am in constant pain. Is it the cycling? I know I can’t stand up and grind or push hard through the pedals.

Just say the next thing I am told is not to cycle………..

After 2009 and all the money Rach and I lost all I did this time was enter Comrades, there are no flights or hotels in South Afirca. I had spoken to Johan and this was all going to be last minute this time. I have entered no races although I have them all planned.

Will I make the start ? Put simply if I am running before the end of Feb I will try to do Comrades and if not I’m not coming. I don’t do Comrades to make it to Durban I want a down run silver, nothing else will do.

All because some muppet can’t walk down stairs……..

That is so ironic it makes me laugh.


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