SERRL Winter series 8 and yawn the ankle

In my attempts to get racing I have been travelling to wherever to get a race and this past weekend saw me make the trip to Kent and the new CycloPark. Although still being built that track is complete and it is pretty awesome with flowing and tight turns oh and a climb.

I turned up and rode a couple of laps thinking this will be ok with my 21-11 cassette on and chilled out before the start.

Set off and got schooled from lap 1 and within 10 minutes I had been thrown straight out the back. For the next 30 minutes I rode as hard as I could but they just got further away every time there was a tight turn. Hooked up with 2 lads and we rode a solid effort working past people who had been blown out the back but soon we were lapped by our race. Attempted to hang on in there but within 10 minutes again I was thrown straight out the back. I must admit that was enough for me and the last 20 minutes were far more casual than the first 70.

The plus sides were I got a solid workout and that if I doubted what I needed to work on this proved that if I don’t learn to change speed quickly then I am screwed.

The downside is the harsh reality of how far I need to go. Granted I could avoid this sort of course but the funny thing is that this lesson made me want to go to the harder circuits. I reckon that I will head to Hog Hill in the future and back to Kent.

The ankle – MRI is this Thursday. I ran on it again tonight, last week I did 8 miles and I think this week will be similar.

Someone asked me today about running marathons if the hospital says it is not as bad as first feared. I answered that if I feel like it then of course I will but at the back of my mind no matter how bad it is I know it will continue to get worse so I won’t be rushing out to do lots of miles anytime soon.


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