Stuff and things

It has been some time since my last blog so here is the update.

Monthly stats

Cycling – 43.21 hrs for 764 miles –  1 Time trial and 3 bike races.

Running – 3.26hrs for 23.9 miles – 1 jogged parkrun with MiniG

XTraining – 10.46hrs – mixture of pilates, body balance and weight training 

Total  time – 57 hours and 33 minutes

Basic planning sees me look to do around 2hours training a day on average so this is pretty spot on. Cycling has now totally replaced running as the number 1 pass time and my target for this season will actually be to get myself out of CAT4, for a non sprinter this is a hard task but it will keep me focused. TT riding is always fun so there will be plenty of them and as always I will strive to lower my PBs and if I can keep making progress maybe I can SPARTACUS my way off the front of a race :¬)   

Training – another good week on the bike with progress coming in my two hard sessions but popping a locknut during Saturdays TT put a little damper on things. I have been running, I shall call it running as it was actually 9 miles over 3 runs and included me running at the back of 2 track sessions. In one regard I am delighted to say that running 16 -17 min 5km pace over short distances is still easy enough for me to call it jogging but the follow on aches and pains lead me smoothly onto talking about the ankle.

Ankle – MRI was on Thursday and thank the lord I checked the paperwork as my initial belief that the MRI was at 1500 was pretty wrong so a rapid change of plans had me at the hospital on time for a 10am appointment. Feel asleep in the MRI and woke up with a sore ankle, WTF !!!



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