Chains, pains and automobiles

The last few days have been interesting, I would love to say brilliant but that is not the word that springs to mind. Lets leave it at interesting….

Where to start, bike shop on Friday to collect my new frame. This was fully built with all the gear from my old bike on it. First impressions were it looked great.

Sadly time was not my friend so a 2 mile test ride was all it got, this came back to haunt me later.

Saturday was possibly the saddest day of my life after a huge ruck with Rach after the parkrun. Blast shield down I never considered who was in the cafe as I stormed in shouted and stormed out. My apology to all in the cafe who heard my outburst. There was no need for my language. The next couple of hours were very tense.

Somehow I still ended up at the time trial where I recorded my first PB of 2012 and Rach got to the concert practice. In between all these events we spoke rather a lot.

The concert in the evening was great and Rach looked fantastic, when she finished playing she was glowing with happiness after being asked to lead the orchestra.

I must admit it was late when we went finally went to bed and I was stressed and tired.

0500 on Sunday morning and we were up out of bed to head to Corley for the Bill Jinks memorial road race and my first race actually on public roads. Around 5.30am Rach shouted “OH my god the clocks went forward” which meant the next 5 minutes were full of panic until we realised the DAB radio we use as an alarm had gone forward automatically so all was good :¬) The drive up was pretty stress free and I was registered in no time. Chatted to Hammer before the start and after a briefing we were off.

The Race

Neutralised zone to ride to the loop and then we were off, the first lap I was too far back so caught in the elastic band effect which meant riding too hard. I moved forward on lap2 but noticed that the bike was making some strange noises. Instantly I thought about the cassette I had changed. No worries I was riding smart so carried on. Lap3 passed with no incidents and I was confident I could stay in the race through all the climbs and sprints. Come lap 4 I was settled well into the pack and as we came down one of the slopes towards the turn I settled myself for the mad dash out the other side. Kick kick kick BANG and I smacked my nuts on the frame!!!!!!! Turned out I had snapped the chain. Race over I chilled out and waited for Rach. When she arrived it was obvious I had really enjoyed the race.

Heading home I told Rach I would join her for her ride at which point she looked at me shocked and pointed out she had a hard effort on the 50 mile loop. I just said go for it and I will hang on as best I can, if you can wait on a flat bit after a climb that would be nice. To be fair I lasted to the other side of Marlborough until my legs went on a climb and I had to chill out. I caught up with a cruising Rach down the hill a few minutes later. Heading along the A4 I offered to try a run on the front but she said no just stay there so I did. 55 miles at 19.1 with Rach on the front for 100% of the ride. I was still more tired than she was.

Damn that curry was nice that night. Sadly I didn’t sleep well that night but you can’t have everything.

Bike was returned to the bike shop Monday to get the chain fixed and I shall collect it tomorrow.

For the curious Rach and I are fine, no relationship is perfect but we are prepared to work at ours.

Got a strange email so tomorrow could be an interesting day.


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