Results appeared but

Sadly only showed the top end of the field and although I had a good day it was not that good :¬)

A quick report on the Brentor 2 Stage race

The TT was one lap of the circuit with a long drag down on what felt like a gravel track follow by a rolling section the a long drag back up. Safe to say I went hard but also didn’t use my head and totally hashed one of the turns. I had the 2nd fastest time by a CAT4 by a second !!! The leader did 12 minutes !!!.

The race was 10 laps of the TT course. This was my first attempt at a race with CAT2 riders in it so I had a simple goal, “TRY NOT TO GET DROPPED”. Lap one ended and I got dropped on the climb, not this time I thought and spent the entire lap working 50-100 metres behind the pelaton before getting back on just where I had been dropped the lap before. I climbed like my life depended on it and was secure in the group. The next 4 laps I positioned myself in the pack used the sprint training I had been doing out the bends and things went well. Lap6 and the group exploded out of a dead turn again and this time I was distanced again. Once more I TT’d my way back jumping in behind stragglers to get protection before firing past them. I got on again which made me really happy. Stayed like this until the end where of course I couldn’t get in the points in the sprint. To be fair the sprint was a war of attrition slow drag to the finish.

No points but I believe I was the only CAT4 rider who managed to stay in it until the end. Great race and an event I would love to do again.

Ran the parkrun at the weekend from the back of the field at 7.xx pace. Aerobically easy and yet the ankle is still not right. What is apparent is the SF is NOT the problem it is the ligaments and tendons. With no plans to be a runner this year I shall just carry on cycling and running 5-10 miles a week monitoring it as I go. I have less problems each week and the discomfort rather than pain lasts for less time.

Sunday – Rach and I did the NewburyRC training ride as part of our get out your comfort zone training. Safe to say we did that ok with a ride that seemed to get progressively harder. Seems some weeks you get a group that really wants to work together and other weeks you get a few egos that seem to think they have to prove something. I got abused in all the usual places but gapped by less distance. Progress indeed.

Cycling only has one draw back compared to running and that is kit. Even cheap stuff is expensive compared to running. Why does this come up? Lately I have had to have my bike rebuilt due to cracking the frame. Banjo seem to have wheels from me with broken spokes all the time and the number of inner tubes I use goes in batches. No punctures or issues for weeks to an entire weekend of issues. This weekend saw no racing but saw 2 tubes taken out and another snapped spoke. To be honest I am fed up of having this wheel fixed so it will not be repaired. Safe to say I would not recommend Richley wheels to anyone, without a doubt they were the weakest link on my old Boardman bike.


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