Cycling basically

Did my first LVRC VETS race at the weekend and it was everything I had been warned about. Hard and fast but also much more civilised than a CAT3/4 event. Everything was nice for about 9 minutes and then the race exploded with 3 guys going off the front and the rest of us being blown apart. 20 minutes later it calmed down with a distinct group of people controlling our effort. The next hour was a mix of people trying to get away but nobody being successful. 2 laps from the end I found myself on the front so doing the lead out. Dropped the pace to see if anyone would take it on but they didn’t so as the lap progressed I slowly picked the pace up until we were about 800 metres from the line when I really ramped it up and then at 500 metres I gave it everything. I was passed by 5 people but held the rest off. Overall I believe I finished 10th. Brilliant day out and taught me I can ride harder.

Since the race I have just been recovery riding for a couple of hours a day until tonight when it was back to HCC248. Strange 14.7 mile loop this with large chunks on a road I dislike time trialling on and yet I love this course. I think it is a true challenge for a rider with technically turns, climbs and fast sections.

After Sundays road race I have a new belief that I can push harder so tonight that is what I did. Went out hard and pushed over the first 4.5 mile climb believing I could recover a little going down to the turn before pushing again until the next drop down onto the A4. This pretty much went to plan except my GPS stopped working as I turned onto the A4 so I hard to ride very much to effort and pray it was fast enough. As it turned out I got a 30 second PB so I was going hard enough.

Tomorrow is Castle Coombe where I expect another fast evening.


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