The National 10

Has taken a few days to let the dust settle on this one but here we go.

Rach had got us a hotel near the start very near as it turned out so when we arrived on Saturday afternoon it was not long before we were riding the course.

Riding the course allowed us to see the roundabouts first hand ALL SEVEN OF THEM. To be fair they were all pretty straight forward except for number 3 which was a right turn sweeper. The course itself was a rolling affair but riding it you still couldn’t understand why it was so slow. Coming back Rach and I did a few blasts at the roundabouts and after being slowed concluded that this quiet road had a chance of being disrupted by traffic.

Race day and off to HQ for the numbers, I was so early I couldn’t have mine. We headed back to the hotel and relaxed until it was time for Rach to warm up. Warm up went well and Rach was off. I stayed at the hotel and waited……… About 30 minutes later Rach came back looking pretty distressed as she had been stopped completely on the 2nd roundabout and been slowed badly in the same place on the way back. More on this later.

Rach showered and then we went to the HQ so I could get my number and to see the results. Rach was an unhappy 11th with most of the top 15 within a minute of each other and Julia Shaw out of sight again.

Back to the hotel so that I could get ready. Must have been serious as I got on the turbo and warmup properly an then off to the start.

My plan was simple, go out hard and get my heart rate in the zone and push push push. The first roundabout came and went with the only thing bothering me being the wind. The second roundabout had an up and on which cut the pace somewhat and the only issue of my ride as I had to anticipate a car which bless actually gave me right of way but not before I slowed. The rest of the ride out I just battled the wind. Hit the turn and wasn’t even on 25 minute pace but knew I was strong and had my plan for going back. Damn it my minute man(former 20.xx rider) had caught me right where I went to push on so I had to let him go which I did but a few times I was aware I was closing again so rolled off a bit. Although he was going fast I wanted to go faster so this definitely cost me a bit. All roundabouts went well and I finished in 24.06.

Rolled back to the hotel where Rach was waiting wanting to know my time. As always when there is a big gap like this between us all we want to do is analyse the splits.

The results were startling really as over 8 miles our splits were almost identical yet Rach lost 46 seconds to me over the other 2 miles where she had been stopped at the roundabouts. Now we both accept others may have had problems and that I may have been faster over the 2 roundabouts but it is gutting to know that a top 5 finish was there and denied by the course.

About the course, it was a challenge and I don’t think that all TTs should be on drag strips BUT I do think they need to be on courses where the possibility of outside influences are limited. Something like H10/3A is a good example of this. IE. the only roundabout is the turn.

Coming out of this thought we want new bikes and both want to spend sometime improving our positions. Too many pictures of me with my head down !!!!!

Oh well, onwards to the 25 :¬)


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