Cycling again but this time….

Talking about road racing.

Heading into the Bristol Road race I had actually checked out the course in advance and taken it a little easier between the Friday and the Sunday.

Arrived in good time and made sure the bike was ready, I knew I was ready :¬)

The race starts with a neutralised section and the signs were not good as there were nearly 2 crashes in the bunch and we were not even racing. Once started the pace was hot straight up Stowey hill and as expected I went out the back but had no trouble riding back at the top. I then placed myself better in the bunch for the rest of the lap. The road back to Bishop Sutton was twisty and very fast at points and had quite a lot of traffic so it was no surprise that we had a couple of panicked incidents with oncoming traffic. Onto the 2nd climb of Stowey hill and although better positioned I again went out the back but again had no problem riding back. The pace stayed high as we turned back onto the road to Bishop Sutton with people trying to jump through the bunch often on the other side of the road.( I should say that where clear this makes good sense as the bunch rides on the left) About a km from the turn to Stowey hill it is a fast twisty descent and this is where it all went wrong. High speed round a corner and there was a row of traffic including a caravan. One of the chaps hit the caravan and catapulted into the pack. Delighted to say I skidded around people and stayed upright by eventually sliding to a stop in the grass.

The pack carried on and a few people missed the mess and got through. I stayed to make sure people were ok and just accepted that my race was over. Later discovered they had stopped the pelaton up the hill so I may have been able to join in.

The only thing I don’t understand is why people take such risks so early in a race, I guess this is why I won’t ever be any good.


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