The catch up blog, whoops sorry

Keeping it simple

Monday – I did track running and my leg was ok

Tuesday – I raced in Milton Keynes in a VETS race and was in another crash. No fall again but big delay, managed to get back to the main group and contest the sprint. Happy with that.

Wednesday – Legs were still paying for Monday but a good warm up saw me up for giving the 25 a go. 57.25 and a new all time PB. Not sure how but once moving I was flying :¬) Happy Happy days !!!!!

Thursday – Strangely enough I went racing again, VETS again at Hog Hill this time. Stunned to report I won my first ever bike race. The how, got a gap with 2 laps to go so just went as hard as I could in the end I won by half a bike length as the pack chased me to the line. A win is a win.

Friday – Picked up a Specialized Transition S-Works which I hope will make me a happy man. It looks awesome. I also drove to Bristol and collected a Cobb Saddle for Rach.

Saturday – Returned to running parkrun but not before Chris attempted to replace the gear leaver on Rachaels bike. Removed the gear cable but the damn thing would not rethread. More on this after the parkrun report.Went off a little hard but soon calmed down coming home in around 18.57. Not bad off 2 miles a week, HR effort was about marathon and pace was slower. Both effort and pace felt harder than they should. All in all I am content and writing now I feel fine so cautious but positive.

Dropped Rachaels bike at Banjo and asked for a new leaver etc before heading home and taking a hacksaw to my seat post so that Rach could ride my bike. Ride it she did, 30 mile PB on a new saddle on a new bike. Great skills indeed, I was very impressed.

This evening I proved that finally I understand gears as I have largely set up the new bike. I think I need to fit a longer flatter stem and apply some tape to certain areas but all in all it feels ready to ride. Things still to do including fitting my Quarq to the road bike.

Not for the first time though I find myself apologising to you readers for taking too long between blogs and then writing things without content.

Onwards again


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